IaaS - Basic Servers

Get Started with your First Server

Dedicated servers in the Rise range are EnNube.com most affordable bare-metal configurations. They are based on powerful Intel and AMD platforms, which combine performance with competitive pricing. These machines are suited to a wide variety of uses for standalone servers, with a simple range of optimized configurations.

Rise dedicated servers are designed for website hosting, streaming and business application requirements. You also get 500Mbit/s bandwidth, which is specially designed for these uses.

Our anti-DDoS solution is included by default on all EnNube.com servers, to ensure you get optimal protection. This means you get a configuration with the best quality-price ratio, and dedicated resources. The Rise range is available in several regions worldwide, so we can be closest to where you do business. This optimizes latency (loading speed) for your end-users as a result.

 You can to upgrade RAM and storage at the checkout process, please, select only 1 item for memory and 1 item for storage.

The advantages of a basic server

A solution with no extra costs

All EnNube dedicated servers come with a number of services included by default for professional use: bandwidth with unlimited data, anti-DDoS protection, and 24/7 technical support at no extra cost.

Simplified administration

Choose from more than 30 pre-installed operating systems via the EnNube tech support. In just a few minutes, your server is set up with your choice of operating system.

With management interfaces like Plesk and cPanel, you can simplify deployment and administration for a website, email server or database.

Backup storage space

Backups are critical for keeping your business up and running under all circumstances. Rise servers include 500GB external storage space, which is designed to store backups of your data and configuration files. This backup space is secure, free, and can be shared between your servers.