IaaS - Escala Servers

Increase your infrastructure capacity

Implement your business strategy smoothly with rock-solid performance and reliability.

Get unparalleled computing power and availability with our dedicated servers. Scale servers are designed to support resource-intensive production uses, while offering high service availability.

The platforms in the range are available with different AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold processors. They include dedicated system disks, as well as redundant high-speed connectivity for better performance.

Get your project deployed quickly and simply.Scale servers can be adapted to a wide range of uses, including virtualization, big data and critical databases.

 You can to upgrade RAM and storage at the checkout process, please, select only 1 item for memory and 1 item for storage.

The advantages of a Scale server

High quality for high performance

Harness the power of EnNube expertise. We carefully select the best components on the market, then optimize them with intensive testing to give you no rivalry solutions. You can then focus on your core business, by relying on servers that can support strategic and varied workloads.

Guaranteed high-speed connectivity

With four network links, servers from the Scale range guarantee availability and up to 25Gbit/s* of throughput. With the EnNube Link Aggregation feature included, you can dedicate all or part of the links to your internal network (vRack), to ensure that data is transferred between servers within your infrastructure.

A highly resilient infrastructure

Scale servers deliver an optimal balance of power and availability. They also have a high guarantee level, with a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA). All platforms are based on an architecture with redundant electrical circuits, cooling system, network, and power supply.