IaaS - High Modular Servers

The Most Powerful Servers, Optimized for Critical Loads.

The highest reliability, security and performance requirements to get the most out of your data.

High Grade dedicated servers are optimized to meet the new challenges of converged infrastructures and storage. These platforms are powered by AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Gold processors, and integrate seamlessly into your architecture. You can use them to run industry-leading software and solutions.

Designed by our experts in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers, High Grade dedicated servers meet the very highest standards to help you achieve your goals. With an availability rate (SLA) of 99.99%, you get all the guarantees you need to host your private cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

It offers a combination of high computing power, a very high-bandwidth network (up to 50Gbit/s*) and high storage density, delivering everything you need for hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI), software-defined storage (SDS) and highly resilient environments.

 You can to upgrade RAM and storage at the checkout process, please, select only 1 item for memory and 1 item for storage.

The advantages of a High MODULAR server

Servers for critical uses

The High Modular server range is flexible, and can be adapted to suit specific and critical workloads. These platforms have a very different design — they offer more computing power for hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI), more storage for software-defined storage (SDS), and high-capacity disks for data storage and archiving. Select the server that best suits your needs, then deploy your project.

An innovative high-speed network

Communication between your machines is a structural element. It is important to keep this in mind when you design your private cloud, or launch your cluster. Once you have enabled the EnNube Link Aggregation (ELA) feature, you get an internal, secure network with nearly 50Gbit/s* for transferring data between your servers.

Availability, reliability and security

To guarantee optimal uptime, our platforms include a redundant physical network (four redundant interfaces), a dual power supply, and disks that can be hot-swapped. The different types of SSDs (SAS, SATA and NVMe) can be replaced in the event of failure, without the need to reboot the server. Need more storage space? You can add one or more disks without any service interruptions.