IaaS - Mass Storage and Backups

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IaaS - Mass Storage and Backups

In recent years, cloud storage, or cloud storage, has gone from being something that service providers suggested to companies that they should adopt; to become today a mandatory and vital element. The custody of information can mean the difference in the life or death of a business.

There are various cloud storage systems, some perform very specific tasks such as storing emails or digital images, others allow you to store all forms of digital data.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Cost: Businesses that use cloud-based services are more likely to reduce operating costs than those that still use internal hosting solutions or external hard drives.

Ubiquity: One of the great advantages is the accessibility to all the files, folders, photos and videos in the cloud from anywhere in the world and from all the devices that the company manages.

Recovery: One of the biggest advantages of using InCloud storage is that you always have a backup solution in case something goes wrong. The cloud storage takes care of performing backups periodically, and you can even determine how often and which files or applications specifically you want to be backed up.

Synchronization: If you have committed any changes to one or more files, EnNube will automatically synchronize the changes across all affiliated devices.

Increased Security: EnNube tend to add additional layers of security protocols. They do this to prevent your files, folders, and apps from ending up in the wrong hands or getting lost.

We offer multiple cloud storage options, which include many access protocols and various forms of storage, with the great advantage that our clients do not depend on a specific app or computational client to make their backups and restore or access their information when needed. requires, our solution is completely open, nor do we force the client to have replicas of their EnNube files on their computers, we will only be their remote virtual hard drive so that it can be managed as each client wishes or requires.

All of our cloud storage or Cloud Data storage offer can be configured with one or all of the following types of sockets: ftp, iTunes/DAAP, NFS, Rsync, Shairport, SMB/CIFS, API's, S3, etc.